HR Audits: Assessing Key Strategic and Tactical HR Issues in Light of the Corona

HR Audits: Assessing Key Strategic and Tactical HR Issues in Light of the Corona


This webinar is scheudled for August 21st, 2020. The flash drive will be shipped within 2 days from the scheduled date of the webinar.

HR audits have increasingly become a critical tool in assessing, measuring, and managing the scope and capabilities of an organization. Designed to help focus an organization’s attention on its human resource management practices, policies, procedures, processes, and outcomes, HR audits provide a structured and systematic approach to assessing key questions about the organization level of compliance, it risk management strategy, its internal auditing process, and its human resource management activities. As an auditing process, HR audits are designed to help your organization identify potential and actual problem areas, help assess the effectiveness of HR management activities, help assess weaknesses in HR internal control processes, help assess human capital strategic, and help assess compliance related risks.

Importantly, HR audits consider human capital related risks and opportunities from an enterprise risk management (ERM) perspective.  That is, HR audits take a holistic approach in assessing human capital risks and attempt to indicate the interrelationships and interactions between HR and other management and organizational issues. 

Because no two employers are alike, HR audits typically help organizations develop and tailor employment practices, policies, procedures, and processes to meet its specific needs. Properly designed, HR audits should first provide your organization with the “right” questions to ask about various employment practices issues; then help your organization determine the optimal answers. 

Thus, while HR audits alone will not guarantee that your workplace will be selected as a “best place to work” or be free from all legal challenges, they will serve as a guide through the maze of human resource management best practices and employment and labor laws and regulations. HR audits will further enhance the value of your organization’s human capital, enhance your organization’s competitiveness, and reduce your organization’s exposure to employment practices liabilities.